Framing Connectors: Structural Connectors for Wood Construction.  From Phoenix Metal Products
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Truss & Rafter Tiedowns and Hurricane Ties

Phoenix Metal Products manufactures a full line of truss and rafter tiedowns, including hurricane ties and seismic ties. Just about anything can be customized to your specifications. Call or email with any special needs.

PH, H2.5, RT7, Hurricane Tie / Seismic Tie / Rafter Tie

  Hurricane Tie / Seismic Tie / Rafter Tie
Model # PH
Simpson Strong-Tie # H2.5
USP Connectors # RT7
This reversable hurricane / seismic anchor is reversable, and intended for use with double top plates. Connects rafters or trusses to top plates, or as a general wood-to-wood connector. Shipped with an equal number of left and right units.

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