Framing Connectors: Structural Connectors for Wood Construction.  From Phoenix Metal Products
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Miscellaneous Framing Connectors

Phoenix Metal Products makes a wide variety of framing connectors and custom products. Any product can be customized, or we can build to your specifications. Call or email with any special needs.

PDJTZ, DJTZ, SDJT, Deck post tie / Deck joist tie

  Deck post tie / Deck joist tie
Model # PDJTZ
Simpson Strong-Tie # DJTZ
USP Connectors # SDJT
Connects 2x joists to posts. Intended for use with a minimum size of 4x4 post and a 2x joist.

PDPTZ, DPTZ, SDPT, Deck post tie

  Deck post tie
Model # PDPTZ
Simpson Strong-Tie # DPTZ
USP Connectors # SDPT
Secures stair posts (2x4) or posts (4x4) to stair stringers or to the deck rim joist. Install in pairs.

PFB, FB, FB, Fence bracket

  Fence bracket
Model # PFB
Simpson Strong-Tie # FB
USP Connectors # FB
Connects rails to fence posts. Faster installation than directly connecting wood-to-wood. Used on porches, patios, decks, and fences.

PLTB, LTB, N, O, Tension Bridging

  Tension Bridging
Model # PLTB
Simpson Strong-Tie # LTB
USP Connectors # N, O
Tension-style bridging for joists.

PNS, NS, PL, KNS, Nail stopper / Protection plate

  Nail stopper / Protection plate
Model # PNS
Simpson Strong-Tie # NS
USP Connectors # PL, KNS
Protects pipes and electical or communications wires by preventing nails or screws from penetrating through.

PSS, SS, STS, Stud shoe

  Stud shoe
Model # PSS
Simpson Strong-Tie # SS
USP Connectors # STS
For reinforcing studs, joists, rafters or plates, which have been weakened by drilling or notching.

PTP, TP, NP, Tie plate / Mending plate / Nail plate

  Tie plate / Mending plate / Nail plate
Model # PTP
Simpson Strong-Tie # TP
USP Connectors # NP
Nail-on tie plate for connecting wood members

PKSCT, , KSCT, Corner Tie

  Corner Tie
Model # PKSCT
Simpson Strong-Tie #
USP Connectors # KSCT
Connects three-way wood to wood intersections. Useful for building corners of tables, benches or shelving.

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